The Art of Quilt Finishing

Once your quilt has been quilted by our longarm quilting machine, the edges need to be finished, or bound.  The quilt finishing process protects the raw edges of the material as well as adds an additional styling element to the quilt.

Carolynne's Quilting offers two types of quilt finishing: Machine Finishing and Hand Finishing.

  • Here is an example of a quilt finished with machine binding.  The binding material is first sewn to the front side, and then the binding is folded over the edge of the quilt and sewn from the front going through to the back side.  As you can see, the stitches can be seen on both the front side and back side.
Example of Machine Finishing, Front Side
Example of Machine Finishing, Back Side
  • Here is an example of a quilt finished with hand binding.  First, the binding material is sewn to the front side and then the material is folded over and sewn to the back side by hand stitching.  A hand stitch can be hidden by carefully stitching through the back fabric and batting, taking care not to allow the thread to show.
Example of Hand Finishing, Front Side
Example of Hand Finishing, Back Side

Hand finishing costs a little more, but results in a more professional looking quilt.

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