Longarm Quilting Services
Carolynne's Quilting offers Longarm quilting and quilt finishing services that bring your quilt to life.

We also make T-Shirt and Memory Quilts. These custom quilts create a lasting tribute to loved ones or commemorate a special event. They make wonderful gifts and provide lasting joy.

T-Shirt and Memory Quilts

Preserving Memories
Memory Quilts (or T-Shirt Quilts) are treasures to pass down to the next generation. By including clothing or other items that were worn by a loved one, a quilt is created to artistically showcase these elements of the person's life.

A Memory Quilt typically contains blocks that are created from T-shirts or Jerseys that were worn by the loved one, but can also contain almost anything of significance that evokes memories of the person. Pictures, dates and signatures are all things that can be included on a Memory Quilt.

Memory Quilts can also be made to commemorate any special occasion or event where you would like to capture the memories of the occasion.

Carolynne's Quilting offers a complete service for creating memory quilts. Click the button below for more information.
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Quilt Finishing - Binding

Quilt Back Side with Hand Binding
The Finishing Touch
Quilt finishing is the final process or processes for completing a quilt. Typically, a quilt has a binding sewn onto the unfinished edges. The binding process starts with the selection of a fabric containing a pattern or color which can be of a complementary or contrasting pallette. The chosen fabric is then cut to size and attached to the quilt either by hand or machine.

Other steps that can be a part of the quilt finishing process can include the attachment of a label or sewing on any decorative items such as buttons.

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The Longarm Machine

Typical Longarm Quilting System
There are at least 10 manufacturers of Longarm Quilting machines, they all share most of the major components and are most notable for their large size. A typical Longarm Quilting machine has a work surface that is 10 feet long but they can go as large as 14 feet.
Some machines use computerized control whereby a computer program actually guides the machine to accurately place the quilting patterns. Other machines, known as “free motion quilters” (FMQ), use a large “pantograph” template that the operator follows to replicate the design on the quilt. A free motion machine is completely under motion control of the human operator.
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